Why Preaching to the Choir is a Good Thing

I’ve always said that the libertarian movement would be farther along if more libertarians understood direct marketing. (Ok, Bruce, I haven’t always said that, but I have said it for the last several years.)

Sometimes I almost cringe when someone starts talking about the "voters." As if that word had any real meaning. It doesn’t, and trying to appeal to the "voters" is a waste of time, IMHO.

Why? Well, read this article and come back and ask me:

Why Preaching to the Choir is a Good Thing


Topics covered:

Too Many Marketers are Like Panhandlers

Why Evangelism Doesn’t Work

The alternative to evangelism is recruitment.

“Come if You’re a Good Fit” Instead of “Come As You Are”


If you read and understand that blog post you’ll see why BLISS is a good idea…why the social hour is important…and why "Build the LP" is important. Oh yeah, and LATS too.

I am waiting for your comments…sean



3 thoughts on “Why Preaching to the Choir is a Good Thing

  1. bruce judelson

    not so sure on the good fit, it seems to me the curious are a potential good fit. recruiting from your base is likely an effective strategy if well executed. the various theories, premises, etc of the article, i think speak to our need of building a real base, merely running candidates without a base is likely (at least in most cases) ineffective at best (counterproductive- when you consider burnout and/or resource drain-), and a form of evangelism. probably won’t work. i believe that social camaraderie of like minded people is effective (at least as an antidote or mitigator- against) burnout. this article needs serious attention and thought. thank you for posting it.

  2. jim kearney


    Well this is obvious to the most casual observer so what’s the point? Preaching to the choir is good so long as the choir does something with what you are preaching. If not – then preaching there is a waste of time also.

    And why do you say “voters” don’t count – they do if you want their vote

    The out look prescribed here by you is appears to be trying to mix apples and oranges – i.e. – voters and Libertarians – these are two different audiences with two different goals in mind.

    Voters do count when campaigning and running elections. It is NOT a waste of time to attempt to persuade someone that your way of thinking and running things is better then your opponent’s way. If it was a waste of time – why have any elections at all and why bother having a political party that runs candidates?

    Bruce’s thought of recruiting from your base doesn’t make sense to me. If I was recruiting to build my base how can I recruit someone who is already there? You must recruit from outside your base to bring people into your base in order to make it larger. This is not done without the use of persuasion. Regardless of what anyone says this, the person outside your base is comfortable in his own zone and you need to show him that he is in the wrong place somehow…that ONLY happens with persuasion.

    Finding Libertarians to build a base is different then appealing to voters. Both need to be done. You need the base in order to get the word out to appeal to other voters that are not within your base – unless you are trying to say that 100% of the people are already in your base to begin with. I doubt that to be the case, if it was, you wouldn’t be even posting this article.

    The gentle art of persuasion needs to be learned by anyone recruiting people. Whether you are trying to get them into your group or vote for you in a campaign. The strategies and tactics employed differ depending on your audience.

  3. bruce judelson

    to broaden a base still needs the integrity of what underlies it. recruitment from within is very much better than apathetic falling apart. you may also target voters or other population bases as seen fit but, if you don’t hold what you have you move backwards.


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