Why Preaching to the Choir is a Good Thing

I’ve always said that the libertarian movement would be farther along if more libertarians understood direct marketing. (Ok, Bruce, I haven’t always said that, but I have said it for the last several years.)

Sometimes I almost cringe when someone starts talking about the "voters." As if that word had any real meaning. It doesn’t, and trying to appeal to the "voters" is a waste of time, IMHO.

Why? Well, read this article and come back and ask me:

Why Preaching to the Choir is a Good Thing


Topics covered:

Too Many Marketers are Like Panhandlers

Why Evangelism Doesn’t Work

The alternative to evangelism is recruitment.

“Come if You’re a Good Fit” Instead of “Come As You Are”


If you read and understand that blog post you’ll see why BLISS is a good idea…why the social hour is important…and why "Build the LP" is important. Oh yeah, and LATS too.

I am waiting for your comments…sean